Friday, December 31, 2010

The year in a quick summary

Happy New Year everyone.  I know it's only New Year's Eve, but since I'll be out of commission for the weekend, wanted to bestow wishes to you all! 

This year has been amazing, tough, eye-opening, and just all around great.  Let's review shall we?

Jan....Tigger had only been with me about 2 weeks or so, I was still getting used to her, anxious and nervous about everything and I ended up in the ER due to not eating well and my electrolytes (ok Potassium) going out of wack making me not able to move....

Feb....Court had a .26 hearing and terminated parental rights on Tigger's bparents.  Tigger sits independently

March....Getting used to a work schedule and infant schedule all by myself after going back to work. 

April....glad for a break, family from NJ came down to meet Tigger.  60 day appeal period over from TPR.

May....found out there was a paperwork error and so finalization of Tigger would have to wait.  My 32nd Birthday!  Tigger crawls. 

June.....decided not to work summer school for the first time in 7 years so I could spend 10 weeks home with was a wee bit tight but oh so worth it.

July....My grandpa and step-grandma came to meet Tigger and stayed for a few weeks....Tigger loves her great grandpa! Tigger's birthday, an awesome 1st birthday bash leaving me tired!  oh yes and visitors from TX with trips to museums and the zoo...much fun was had by all...Tigger pulls to stand.

August....Great-Grandpa still around and just hanging out enjoying our time together

Sept....the start of another [school] year, Tigger has problems with transitioning to the toddler room at daycare

Oct....we decide to let Tigger mature a bit and leave her in the infant room for a few more weeks with transition to the toddler room going slowly, Tigger walks Halloween weekend.

Nov....transition finally takes place and Tigger begins to enjoy the toddler room at daycare.  Finalization happens on National Adoption Day!  woo hoo

Dec....Tigger and I enjoy some beginning traditions and have a way better Christmas season than last year! While Tigger will always be my Christmas baby, that first year was tough with transitions and Tigger getting used to me and my family. 

I hope your year was great.  I wish for a wonderful new 2011 year for all of you!  Filled with growth, love, maturing, and peace.

DannieA and Tigger


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an amazing year! I hope 2011 is as great a year for you and your family!

Unknown said...

What a great summary! I'm tired just reading it. Glad you made it through and are still smiling as 2011 begins. Happy New Year! :)