Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well I guess it was bound to happen some time or another but at this time last year well a year and some weeks ago, I had beautiful long hair with some highlights in it, a year ago I had a cute a-line bob with diminishing highlights....this year, I have a sassy short hair cut AND gray hair?  What on earth?  I know I had highlights in my hair and growing out highlights but I'm pretty sure I did not have gray hair at all last year. 

Granted, I know fost/adopt programs can bring out stress or bring inner turmoil, but really?  I thought I had handled it ok.  Maybe not.  I'd blame it on heredity but neither my mom nor my dad started with their gray hairs until almost 50....even now, my dad's hair is half gray and half brown, but because he has such a head of hair on him, you can see the gray but it's not overpoweing.  My mom?  well you still have to dig and look through to find her strands.  So yeah I think it was brought on by stress I guess.  My my, I guess I will have to either make do with it or do highlights again so it won't become a focal point.  I'm way too young to have gray hair don't you think? 


QbanLady said...

Hey, Abdi have been founding gray hairs in his head and he panicks everytime he does. Maybe there is some weird heredity that runs back and forth. I know I've been having this wonderful "natural color" for several years now, but I don't remember exactly when I saw the first one. Hey, I don't see them now either. . . most of the time.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you but I have WHITE hairs! Sad, sad!!

Unknown said...

Welcome to mommy-hood! :)