Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to Traumatize your Mother and your Daughter all at once

Well I had this awesome weekend to look forward to.  Memorial day weekend is always around my birthday so since today is the official day my parents and my aunt had stuff planned for me.  Yesterday was going to be an afternoon on the beach with some ice cream my parents were going to buy for me (mmm chocolate and coffee mixed together) and then Sunday my aunt was having us over for a Birthday dinner with cake!  um YUM. 

Well I woke up Friday morning with a sore throat and feeling funky.  I did go to work but left midday to take a nap as I had developed a fever.  Friday night we went to my parents house and my mom was so excited because she had my favorite meal planned and then immediately got disappointed when she saw how ill I looked.  I did enjoy her meal though, but as the evening went on, the fever came and didn't really let up until the morning. 

I woke up, to my daughter making toddler noises and running around my parent's house with her toys and I went down the hallway to join in the fun.  And that is the last thing I remember.........until I came to and was wondering why I was on the floor and why the paramedics were on the way. 

The following is what happened as told to me by my mother who saw the whole thing:

I was at the end of the hallway, Tigger was trying to close the guest bedroom door and I went forward, then my mom saw me acting funny and pass out, hitting my head in an ugly manner against the door frame.  Apparently my head jerked forward, I said "OUCH" and landed on the floor not moving. 

When I came to, my dad is hovering over me, Tigger has a wide-eyed expression and is saying "mami, mami" and I"m like uh what happened and my head hurts.  Apparently the way my head jerked and I fell my mom thought I had broken my neck or that I was dead so she called 911. 

The paramedics came and did all sorts of tests but my blood pressure was ridiculously low so I was whisked away in an ambulance to the hospital to see if my head was fine and see if they could up my blood pressure.  As they wheel me away I hear Tigger start crying mournfully. 

Spent the better part of the day in the hospital with the IV and running all sorts of test and had a lovely CAT scan done to make sure my head was still ok.  (well I mean intact, I'm sure my head is quite crazy on any other day) I still had that nasty sore throat and it so happened I had a nasty throat infection so I also got some hard core drugs through the IV...woo hoo.  Since everything came out ok, I was free and clear to go home after I passed the bedside blood pressure test. Beach and no awesome ice cream for

And my throat was still killing me last night, still battling with a fever so no awesome dinner at my aunt's house today for my

And since my daughter did see me take off some of the sicker pads the hospital uses for vitals, yesterday, today she found some stickers and put them on her tummy and on her arm and was telling me she had "owies"  like "mami".  Poor child.  I'll be paying for counseling bills later on in life I'm sure. 

Oh and the best part was that a neighbor came by later that day and my dad went outside to talk to him.  This neighbor didn't want to be nosey but also wanted to know what happened.  So my dad gave him the run down and then the neighbor (which my dad said smelled profusely like alcohol) told my dad "don't worry, God is in just wasn't her day to die"  well alright dude thanks for that!

So not the birthday weekend I envisioned, however, I am having a good day resting and I think the drugs given to me yesterday are starting to work today.  So cheers to year started off with a BANG!


Jenny said...

How scary! I'm glad you're going to be ok. Feel better soon.

Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

Oh, no Dannie! I am so glad you are ok! It is a good thing it happened at your parents. Honestly that is one of my biggest fears, my BP gets real low. I try to be very careful. I would hate to pass out with just my kids home alone.


Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

I was so shocked I forgot to say, “I hope you feel much better soon!” And I do.


DeeChloRox said...

Oh that is NO WAY to spend your birthday! You were a sick girl. Good thing you were at Mom & Dads. I don't think Tigger is old enough to dial 9-1-1. Your last line cracked me up about the neighbor. What a birthday gift: another day of life! Hope you feel better soon and happy birthday!

Ticia said...

You know, when people say "I hope you have an exciting birthday," that's not what they mean........

Oh well, I'm glad the rest of the weekend got better.

Deb said...

So glad you're okay. What a scary experience. Happy Birthday!

Missional Family said...

Okay, makes me not want my 33rd to come in Dec! Yikes! Hope you feel better soon! Any cute EMT or Dr?? :D

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, that is really scary!! I'm glad that you are ok. Maybe you can make up for this birthday weekend. Love the story about your neighbor. Feel better soon.