Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why I read what I read!

I finished adding to my 'amazing blogroll' tab.  It's a compilation of different blogs on different subjects and different viewpoints.  I like to read about different viewpoints.  It makes me a better person, and it gives me a better perspective on listening to others.  That is what it does for me.  I hope if you peruse through the different links, you will enjoy what each blogger has to say.  Even my crass blogs that I read for humor makes me smile and laugh out loud. 

Even if two people have different points of view, it's still great to read about other's experiences.

I am a part of many different groups and forums.  Sometimes people don't like to listen to other's points of view.  I find this a little sad.  We can all learn from each other.  I hope we as people can all step out of our comfort zone and enjoy what others have to say.  I will probably add to my list as soon as other choice people I like to read start writing more often. 

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