Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Light Reading: What's on the evening menu at our house

I'm not in a very "writing" type of mood today so just thought I'd let you in to what our reading routine has been for the last week.  Our books change around every 2 weeks. 

First and foremost there's the Sabbath School lesson.  This month is the story of Daniel and the Lion's Den.  It makes me smile when we get to the end of the story and the question is "Did the Lions harm Daniel?"  and Tigger shakes her head emphatically and says "no, no, no".....children and their fondness for Bible stories.  If only life ended up being that simple, but hey we start somewhere!

Then there's the "oso" book (otherwise known as 'me and my mom')....the bear book which I must read:

Followed by Eric Carl's 'The Very Busy Spider':

Last but not least 'Goodnight Moon':

It's awesome that Tigger loves being read to and loves books in general.  That's all folks.  Good night!


grace said...

hi dannie, it's a great thing to do with your girl :)

i have such lovely memories of the books i read when i was really small, i can't wait to do that one day with my kids.

Anonymous said...

Great books! We have most of those in our library as well. Love that Tigger knows the ending of Daniel and the Lions' Den.