Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some days just kick me in the rear

not Tigger but our evening went something like this
Today was one of those days!  Tigger was tired and therefore that meant that every little thing made her teary and out of sorts.  I was also tired and had to count to 10 a few times so I could discipline and do the 'chill out zone' in a calm manner. 

I've been trying to write out a pretty complex post, but that obviously didn't happen tonight.  Instead my mind is just blank and I'm grateful for bedtime.  I may hit the sack early as well. 

oh and p.s.  I'm so ready to get over this 'end of the world' weekend.  Honestly I feel sympathy, however, it's one of those things where I want to strangle people....haven't enough of the U.S. population gone through this to know not to be setting dates after dates after dates?

yes I know the above is a rant. 


Laura said...

Tigger and I had the same kind of day. I even gave MYSELF time-out.

I enjoy the "End of the World" stuff. Makes me stop cleaning my house.

Unknown said...

Laura, I just had to laugh at your last comment. Too funny!

Dannie, I'm sorry you had "one of those days". they are tough. Thankfully, they don't usually come one after another unless your child is sick. I hope tomorrow sees less stress and more joy.