Sunday, May 8, 2011

"I went to the Animal Fair....The Birds and the Beasts were there..."

Well I just finished putting a very tired Tigger into bed.  What a Mother's day!  It was really awesome!  First things first, the absolute best thing about going to church on a Saturday instead of the traditional Sunday is that for Mother's Day [and Father's Day] we can beat everyone to eat out....for breakfast!  Yes our family tradition from years and year past til now is to go out for breakfast and not wait ten million hours to get seated.  We ended up at Ruby's Diner which has awesome food and a LOT of food.  Best of all, in the one we go to, one can substitute Veggie Sausage for bacon or real sausage (which our family doesn't eat due to religious reasons) so let's just say this place rocks.  Some pictures of our early morning include my mom, Tigger, and I as well as my aunt and cousin that also joined us.

Tigger drinking her apple juice

Tigger and Mami

My mom and I
my aunt and cousin with tigger

Oh we tipped a balloon guy for this little balloon dog...Tigger is over the moon
Then my parents and Tigger and I went to the zoo.  Tigger had fun and quite honestly it was a very relaxing day considering.  We even got to see the Tiger pacing back and forth which was exciting because I usually only see the Tigers sleeping, so it was great.  Tigger also roared at the Tiger which was quite amusing.  Good pictures overall were taken. 

Tigger with Poppa and Ta

Still roaring from the Tiger

Tigger and Mami


Many pictures with statues

tigger and poppa

Gopher time....ha ha ha

Since I wasn't driving, I guess I took advantage of the ride home and my mom managed to take this surprise photo that I saw once we got back.


I do have to say, I was also quite surprised and happy to receive the best present ever (aside from being Tigger's mom of course!) from my mom.  A necklace with one of those birth month stone children to indicate that i have a daughter.  The pendant looks similar to this. 

All in all a very wonderful day!  Here's hoping your day went well too!


Jenny said...

Happy belated Mother's Day to you! It looks like a great time was had by all.

What an adorable little gopher you have. :)

Last Mom said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! She's getting so big!

Penelope said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! What fun times!

Nicole said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful Mother's day! Tigger is too stinkin cute Dannie! You and her would fit wonderfully into my family and no one would even question it! :D