Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memories...ahhh....sweet Memories!

different flames of Bunsen Burners...ooohhhh cool!!!!!
Ok, one of my extremely guilty pleasures of life right now is to head on over to Laura's blog and read.  (warning, I will link to it, however, it does use strong language and her humor is something I cackle at, but may not amuse've been warned) Well she was talking about Catholic school and all that jazz and I was rolling.  It was seriously funny. 

So it got me thinking about the old days.  Now we didn't have nuns at our Seventh-Day-Adventist Schools nor corporal punishment, but it seems as though we kids had highly creative minds.  So creative it would get us in trouble.  For example. 

It was an afternoon like any afternoon.  7th grade science lab, working in our groups and we were doing something with HCl (Hydrochloric acid) and beakers and Bunsen burners.  I forgot what we were doing, but I was excited by the Bunsen burners...mmmm fire!  So of course I stop listening to the teacher (sorry Ms. V) and our group starts turning the Bunsen burner on and high....whooooooo awesome!  I was also very hyper at that age and had a syringe full of HCl already.  Talking animatedly with my hands I guess I squirted the HCl....well it traveled through the Bunsen burner which was whooooosh on at a really high level so the flame would be huge and it landed on another student's butt.  Well, let's just say flames started shooting from the jeans of this poor student and his butt started burning.  I freaked, my lab partner (who was a guy) bent over this poor unsuspecting student and started SPANKING the fire out.  Luckily the poor student didn't burn to death and my lab partner did spank the fire right out of him. 

Our teacher turned and saw the spanking and demanded to know what was going on.  Well....I start in and say that we were just fooling around....ummmm yeah I definitely had brains back then HA!  We had a time out before we could go back and our teacher lectured us on why we should not fool around while working with chemicals.  I'd hate to think what would have happened if Ms. V actually knew what had happened! 

Thanks Laura for igniting my brain cells to remember this event in history.  I have literally lit a fire under someones butt! 

My poor child....I am not naive so I will be watching her like a hawk.  I know what happens at school and with friends. 


Penelope said...

Haha! Thanks for an amusing look back at high school.

Mrs. Who said...

BWAH-Haa-haaaa! Sounds like something my husband would have done!

Laura said...

I never knew Seventh-Day-Adventists had schools! Really! And I love how you warn people about my blog. Ha!