Monday, May 2, 2011

Recovering from the Weekend (go '96)

So I’ve had a day to process my weekend and get over this nasty head cold that I’ve been battling for the past few days. Saturday morning all the honor classes had the option of attending a service at the school where we graduated from, so I went and took the Tigger along. Now, I was a little mama bearish and stifling protective of Tigger as for some reason I started dreaming a couple of days prior about the opening scenes in the movie “The Deep End of the Ocean”. You know, the movie that Michelle Pfeiffer stars in as a mom who takes her 2 boys (at that time in her life) to the high school reunion and her youngest son goes missing?  Yeah don’t ask me where that came out of, but yes, I was highly overbearing protective of Tigger that morning.

I had said that our class was small due to our school being a private Christian Academy, so we had 60 graduating Seniors in 1996. About 20 came in the morning and I thought we were looking good and not that old….then I saw the picture:

Yeah I guess we’re looking a little more uh older mature!

Then in the evening, I happily left Tigger at my parent’s house and went to our restaurant where we saw a couple more people from our class there. We had a grand time and we were there until the restaurant had to kick us out it was closing time. New photos were taken

New stories about people and it was a great time. I haven’t been to a large gathering in a while where people aren’t drinking (besides myself) so this was a nice change. No horror stories, no cliques, just good ol’ fashion fun, conversation, and better formed relationships.

In a blurb I wrote on Saturday where I stated that you really SHOULD GO TO YOUR REUNION, I will state it again. It’s amazing how much people grow. You may be amazed.

I was also astounded to hear in the morning that this year in 2011 there will be 91 Seniors graduating from our old Academy…91! Wow, that’s a huge class. (sorry to you people out there that graduated with hundreds of classmates, these are big numbers to us!)

Then on Sunday we went to Pastor M's house....although I have to laugh because I really don't call her Pastor M.  She and I played softball together in high school and she was a grade or two behind me so she's a friend who just happens to be Tigger's pastor as well...(you followed that right?) Anyways not only did she do Tigger's dedication at church, but she also is my #2 choice to take Tigger in (behind my parents that is) if some unfortunate tragedy would befall upon me.  I think if we were Catholic it would be the equivalent of being Tigger's Godmother...I think.  Anyways, we went over to visit M and great friend and second mom that she is, she went and bought Tigger a digital drum set that stays over there so Tigger can grove to the tempo music.  Yeah peeps, dancing at the Pastor's house!  Turn us in quick! 

Way to go M, teach my daughter some rhythm

It was a great weekend.  And then came Monday!  Blah!

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