Thursday, May 19, 2011

No Regrets

Have you ever heard that line "live your life so you have no regrets"?  Well I'm pondering what that really means.  The only way one can have regrets is if they made a choice.....yet we make hundreds of choices within our lifetime and each choice then leads to another set of choices and then each choice after that leads to another set of choices.....yes maybe one could have chosen a different path when they were younger, however, one can't really know how that life would have been or would have taken you.  So while one may look back and think "wow, I wish I would have been more mature", or "wow, I wish I wouldn't have let long distance be a deciding factor in whether or not I dated a guy",

Do we really truly 'regret' a choice?  or are we just living a different life and doing the best we can with the choices we have made????? hmmmm my musing for the night. 

I really wish more people would enjoy country music, however, this song by Garth Brooks has always been a favorite of mine....'The Dance'.  The lyrics are great and basically it's a song about endings....whether ending of a relationship, ending because of death, or ending because of circumstance.....yes we could have chosen not to be a part of someone's life or chosen a different path, however, we then wouldn't have enjoyed "the dance" which in the end....was the magic in it all.  Here are the lyrics if you've never heard this song....I think there is a typo or two (dang youtube amateurs) but enjoy this powerful song.

Remember life is about "the dance".....ultimately there will be pain, however I hope that we can look back and really say that we have either limited or no regrets. 


Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

This is one of my absolute favorites as well. I see it as theme for my life.

Ticia said...

I agree that's one of my favorites as well. Dang Jeff hating country music with a passion.

Penelope said...

I have to think of this often in dealing with my infertility. I wouldn't have my Stinkpot or LilBit. Thanks for sharing!

Btw, for some reason, your blog disappeared from my reader. Glad to find you again!