Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Truisms: A busy week

Busy, stressful, joyful, entertaining, tiring, blah week.  Much like this picture! ============================>

"When you have boring weeks right after the other, the week or weekend you have fun, every activity/appt with friends are on ONE particular week, they're never spaced out"

"Feel what you feel, it helps the process"

"I really wonder how people decide to have more children when they go to bed exhausted every night"

"Different circles of friends provide balance and balanced support"

"People grow up, that's what makes reunions great"

"Big news/events also come at the same time, never spaced out"

"Facebook can bring people together and divide them further"

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Ticia said...

children cause brain damage. That's how we end up with more than one, that's also how they live to survive being 2.