Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Truisms: "when in doubt....relax"

This has been a very busy week and a week where the Tigger has decided to join the world of 'twos' in testing boundaries even though she has two months to go before her birthday.  Here we go...

"Persistence should be defined in Websters as simply this....'Toddlers'."

"Check your feelings and frustration levels hourly, then relax, it helps the boundaries you must define 100x in a row"

"Laughter can be your friend"

"Dance like a madman with your toddler, it makes you forget the constant testing of boundaries"

"I"m convinced toddler beds are awesome and of the devil...both at the same time"

"Watching a toddler have a tantrum in her/his bed, because they finally figured out they must stay there is quite hilarious"

and this was actually said more or less in the book 'the everything book about positive discipline'....

"when you start feeling comfortable in your parenting, the kids will start exerting their independence and you start all over"

Strike a chord?

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Deb said...

Haha! That last one is so true. 3 brought on a whole new level of testing boundaries for us, guess we'd gotten to comfortable.