Sunday, November 14, 2010

Haircuts, Plans, and Chaos Oh My!

That's right, it's been a full weekend.  So I will put this blog post in three categories

Haircuts:  My mom got her hair cut today, it looks great.  It was just a trim.  I got my haircut today....if you know me in real life, you know this means I did something drastic....yup that's right, I have short, short hair now that I can spike but still some layering in front for snazzy styling...I just got tired of looking like the bag lady with my medium cut hair.  Tigger takes up most of my time in the mornings and while I have great hair, I don't have a lot of time to spend on it, so I told the hairstylist to cut it all off but with some length in the front for quick styling purposes.  I totally told her I was dealing with a 15 month old and needed an easy cut while still maintaining style and she said, 'I have an idea' and there ya go.  So still getting used to it, but can't wait til tomorrow morning to play with the hair.  Tigger received her first haircut today.  Nothing quite drastic, but her hair did need to be even.  She still has the baby hair mixed in with her awesome hair growing in now, so she has needed a cut to even things out.  She looks fabulous as always and we are all ready for finalization on Saturday the 20th now.

Plans:  Well next weekend our family has plans.  Saturday morning is finalization.  Then we are all eating lunch at my aunt's house to celebrate....a late lunch I think.  Of course since we will be all nice and done, Sunday will be our family's official family portrait day...we already have an appointment.  My plans are for my parents, myself, and Tigger to have a family portrait, then my parents and Tigger, and then myself and Tigger in a variety of poses...we'll see if I can choose easily between pictures.  I have such a hard time usually...I love 'em all.  So very busy weekend next weekend.

Chaos:  Well this could go in the 'plans' part, but considering my guest bedroom (soon-to-be Tigger's big girl room) is a mess, I'm officially calling it 'chaos'.  My dad came over today and tore down the guest bed I still had in Tigger's bedroom.  Tomorrow he is taking it to my parent's house and we are cleaning the carpet and moving my drawers I moved in there back into my room.  Then I can start decorating the walls and putting the new furniture I have for her (in the garage) in the room and by next weekend, the crib is going in and the room will actually look like it's her room now.  But for right now, my upstairs is complete chaos. 

And that friends, was my weekend!


Cindy Cox said...

I am so excited for you! Hope your adoption ceremony is as extremely cool as ours was as grandparents. Wishing every blessing!!!!

Love, Cindy

Ticia said...

On an unrelated note, Princess' birthday is also Saturday, coincidence? I think not.

Can't wait for you to be able to post pictures.

Mama Melissa said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog!!

I'm doing a big girl room for Lil M this Christmas, I think. :) I want it to be a 'princess' room for her somehow... not like princesses, but more like super-girly. :D

It is SO good to see other SMBC's like me. There are so many single parents, but we're in a class all our own sometimes, don't you think?


DannieA said...

@T--yay for Princess....many wonderful blessings, happy birthdays, hugs AND kisses from auntie D and Tigger.

@Melissa--I love reading your blog. I need to post comments more often but sometimes I'm just in a hurry...I do have you on my blogs to read SMBC need to stick together :)