Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Holiday Tomorrow!

I love it when I have a holiday that comes up nowadays.  That means Tigger and I spend the whole day together.  Yay!  That's also why I'm up late....maybe will pay for it tomorrow morning, but I'm hoping Tigger will sleep in a little since she hates getting up at 5am with me anyways. 

My plans are to work more on her baby book.  The county gave me a great one.  It's more of a life book so it's a baby book specific to adoption so now that I received her packet with all her information in it, I can fill in parts of the biological family tree and do more of that as well as catching up a couple of new skills she's attained. Then we're getting together with grandma to go shopping.  Grandma wants to find an outfit suitable for court in 10 DAYS!  Yes 10 more days and we are officially finalized after 11 months and 5 days of being home. 

All this nice stuff really counteracts the silliness I heard today.  Today was the day someone asked that mother of all stupid questions...."so are you thinking of having your own child later on in life?"  And so I answered "I do have my own child, I consider Tigger to be my own child"  (I was really thinking of answering with "you mean as opposed to the alien that lives in my house?" but then was trying not to be too nasty.  Of course I got the" um no you know what I mean, biological....blah blah blah blah blah.  I actually wanted to say that I had "fixed" myself but then that would have been a lie (and then who knows, I'd probably offend humanity by admitting to tieing my tubes AND using the terminology of a Vet procedure on a dog/cat in a flip manner....can't win I tell ya)  Just another reminder that the comparisons between biological and adopted children are alive and well.  Yuck.  Well too bad people, I'm here, and my *itch is kicking in alive and well.  Watch out for momma bear, she'll eat you for dinner!!!!!

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