Monday, November 8, 2010

New Tantrums and Eating like it's going out of style

I've been trying to think of something worthwhile and witty to write about but my mind is zapped from energy.  Tonight I had to veg out on the couch in order to gain my energy back before writing this little post and going to bed. 

Last week Tigger decided it was time to walk.  This week she's decided to start tantrums...and it's for everything: before eating...usually she waits until I cut and arrange everything, but not since Friday, bath time is fine, but getting her out of the bathtub is now a major event full of not so safe movements from her and major screaming and kicking, and when changing clothes which results in major tries to kick mommy. 

So these last 4 days have been tough and draining.  I talk to her about transitions, keep the routine constant, I do not let her kick me (which then starts another crying meltdown because her feelings are hurt that I am not letting her get away with it) and we are getting through it one day at a time.  Oh and did I mention she is eating like I don't feed her?  My mom even asked me if I feed her and if I'm sure the daycare feeds her.  Then I saw her eating at the restaurant when I met some friends of mine yesterday at brunch and she was eating like she hadn't eaten breakfast a couple of hours before....tonight, she ate A LOT of food!  I'm wondering if all this is due to an upcoming growth spurt or something (one can hope...since it's been night and day from last week)

Separation anxiety is in full swing as well.  I will look at the positive of this and say that at least this proves we have bonded, however, I'm still tired at the end of the day.  Here's hoping it gets better :)


Ticia said...

What a mean mommy not letting her kick you. So mean

You should see some of the meals the boys ate at her age

Jane said...

Do you think the time change has her feeling hungry before it's mealtime?