Friday, November 12, 2010

Tiredness abounds

I did a ton of housework yesterday to make up for the fact that I've been tired by 8pm every night this week after unprecedented tantrums from Tigger.  Well when we went to bed after a fun day....yes fun because we were both home, I fell asleep shortly after her 7pm bedtime....hmmmmm  hence my blog post didn't make it until this morning since I usually blog between 8 and 9pm....hmmmmmm

This weekend, I am glad to announce that I will finally work on Tigger's actual bedroom (yes she still sleeps in my room lol) and I will be taking down the guest bed, and working on her walls with the border and decals I bought to match her theme.  I went and bought a lamp, wall decorations, a throw rug for the room, now all I need is a toy box and we're good to go.  The only sad thing is that I'm not sure I'll be so excited when her bed isn't in my room anymore....*tear*  oh well, I'm still hoping for little pattering of feet in the middle of the night to come next to mama.  They do grow up fast.  Might as well enjoy their neediness as well for as long as it lasts.  :) 

Of to work after a holiday on a Thursday no less.  We were supposed to have today off due to budget cuts, but our district is giving back all of our budget cut days (otherwise known as furloughs) back so we don't have today off anymore. Good news is we get a bigger paycheck next month and a retroactive check in the middle of next month for the Oct./Nov. checks that were less money.  I humbly proclaim that we have been blessed.  People like my mother still are working under furloughs or shortened hours.  


Ticia said...

don't worry they stay needy for a long time......

I demand pictures of the room when it's done.

Bubeaner said...

D - I am in a similar boat. They were both sleeping in my room (bassinet and pack-n-play) for a week while M was out of town. M's been back for 4 days and I don't want to move them back to the nursery. =(

It was so nice to have them near....

T - I am counting on that. They are growing up so fast!

AND definitely post pictures!!!

Mama Melissa said...

I bet she will come back in. :) Lil M starts in her own bed and then sometime in the night or morning she comes in to be with me. They DO grow up fast!!!