Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 1: National Adoption Month (read an adoption related book)

While I may not follow all topics while blogging this month, I think I can blog about this activity on the calendar.  I've written about about adoption related book or rather gave my opinion about them here and here.  However, since the day calls to read a new book, I thought I'd give my impressions of one that I'm currently reading at the moment. 

The book is called "Choosing to SEE".  This is written by Mary Beth Chapman and not only does it have the adoption aspect (she and her husband adopted their younger 3 children from China) but it's a book that is written about her perspective on life, her life.  She goes into her personality, how sometimes she just clashed with her very well known husband, Christian Contemporary Artist Steven Curtis Chapman, her struggle with depression, her hesitancy to become an adoptive parent, all the way through the tragic accident that claimed her youngest daughter's life and the profound impact it had on her family.  To be fair, I have not finished reading this book (I"m about three chapters away) however, I have found it to be an easy read and a deeply moving book dealing with loss and hope. 

While adoption is just a part of the book, I would highly recommend it be part of your reading list. 

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