Sunday, November 7, 2010

Poison Control, Time Change, and Teething

So Friday I promised you all a new post every evening from Sun-Fri.  Well if the title of this post says anything, it means that it has been a tiring weekend and all I want to do is sleep. 

Saturday at church, while I was teaching Tigger's mom noticed (she comes when I teach to sit with Tigger) that Tigger opened a pack of flower seeds and ATE the whole thing, paper from the packet and all.  Now why are there seed packets in the birth - 2 y/o room?  It's part of our curriculum....when we sing about seeds growing and being God's helpers, the toddlers (and babies helped by their parents) bring up the packet of seeds in their kid's basket up to the front to "plant" them....mainly just put them in a planter.  Well since some plants are actually toxic, my mom rushed out Tigger and called poison control to make sure the brand of seeds were not poisonous.  While there was no record, we were under strict orders to observe and make sure she was acting normal. 

Acting normal....I think that's not happening....ever since Tigger started walking last weekend, she's been more tired, crankier, and is trying to find her new normal.  Add that to nasty gum swelling as teething is in full force?  That makes for a draining evening trying to get her changed and into pajamas. 

Who the heck invented this time change?  It's horrible and it affects kids!  Hopefully by Tuesday we're both in the hang of this new time change, but man it made for a super wake up this morning, followed by numerous meltdowns due to being tired. 

Hopefully tomorrow's post will be much more enticing!  And that folks, was our weekend. 

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Ticia said...

I agree the time change is HORRIBLE!