Tuesday, November 9, 2010

National Adoption Month (day 9)

So today's little activity consisted of getting together with different people of the triad, and I thought, hmmm good topic for a blog post.  Does anyone know what the 'triad' means in adoption land?  anyone?  (don't all raise your hand at once now)

Triad:  people from all sides of adoption 1) Birth/Natural/First Parents 2) Adoptive Parents and 3) Adoptees. 

Now how on earth do you mingle with all of these people?  Well I've roamed and have gotten acquainted with members of the Triad on adoption.com  It's been one of the online places where most people can come together and respect each other and listen to each other.  Why is it important to hear all sides?  In order to be better informed and it gives you a glimpse of what others may go through as well.  Sometimes more often than not First parents are vilified or ignored, Adoptees get their voices squelched because they should just 'be grateful' and Adoptive parents sometimes get more nosey people around them then they ever thought possible....it's good to come together and support all sides.  It also can make one aware of what legislation is in the works to make sure adoptions are ethical and that any changes made are for the best concerning all parties. 

Sift and read different sides of things...it's good food for thought  (taken from blisstree: top adoption blogs)
Adoptive Parents:
Production, not Reproduction
Overwhelmed with Joy
Salsa in China

Natural Mothers:
I Should Really be Working
Not Mother
The Chronicles of Munchkinland

Harlows Monkey
Heart Mind and Seoul
Adopt This!

Yeah some blogs are easy to read, others not, but each has something one can take away and use it as stepping stones for conversation and meditation on thoughts from other sides. 

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Thanksgivingmom said...

Because of my hiatus from blogland I JUST read this - whoops! :) But thanks for the nod and the belated heads up! And if you're interested, I started blogging again at a new place (linked from the old blog and from a.com) Thanks Dannie!!! :)