Thursday, January 20, 2011


This past weekend it was really nice outside so my parents and I took Tigger to the beach on Saturday after church.  Now we've been to picnic at the beach before but overlooking the beach and on a cold day so Tigger had never been to the sand and to the water's edge so it was a fun first. 

She rudely got to see nature surviving....when in the tide pool area, my mom excitedly picked up a hermit crab but then Tigger wanted to see it and it dropped back into the water.  Unfortunately it dropped right smack dab in the middle of one of those Sea Anemones and it started to eat the mom feeling horrible thought she could save the hermit crab and tried to get it out not realizing that it only made it worse and then bam...gone.  I think my mother was traumatized and lamented that it wasn't the stupid crab's fault as she was the one that picked it up, it was quite tragic. 

Best part of the day was eating lunch overlooking the beach and having Tigger go to the edge of the water and run away from the waves. 
Eating a picnic lunch overlooking the beach

Looking at the different crabs and animals

Hermit crab must have been dropped and they're watching it get eaten/swallowed up

Grandpa makes for a nice beach companion

Ooooh cold

Waiting for a wave

Help, the Pacific Ocean is cold

Drying off very cold feet

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