Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Brothers & Sisters tackling foster/adoption theme

So do any of you watch 'Brothers & Sisters'?  I do.  I know it's full of topics in which heated arguments/debates can ensue, but I just love the family dynamic of this family...very um realistic and full of dysfunctional functional.  In short, I love the family relations that this TV drama emits. 

That being said last Sunday when Scotty and Kevin (Kevin being one of the Walker family members and his husband) were doing the parenting classes for the fost/adopt program in Los Angeles county and then attend an adoption fair where they promptly fall in love with a girl who is extremely friendly and over the top nice to them, I don't get that "awwwww" moment.  I got the antenna moment where my brain is screaming "RAD alert"  (RAD= Reactive Attachment Disorder).  It seems as though Kevin and Scotty are going to rate her in the adoption fair as who they were compatible with and I was left wondering if that was going to be all there was "to it" or would they even show a kid that was having even some attachment issues. 

While I don't think it will be to the extreme, I am curious to see how this will play out....I just saw some sneak peaks into a future episode called "choosing a date" that may show this girl as actually acting out when first visiting/placed. 

What do you all think? check out these clips....I wish I could find them without the stupid advertisements before the actual clip, but try to hang in there over into the clips.  Remember while I couldn't find a clip of the adoption fair, this girl "Olivia" was very sweet, charismatic, and melted their hearts. 

Now watch this:  Meeting at the adoption SW office

And then this:  Asking advice for sneaking a boy in

Ok so it's TV and media, it won't show everything, but at least I"m glad that they showed the "happy child" when first meeting and then obvious change in behavior even if it's minor compared to what can actually happen and the adjustment factor. 

Remember this is also the TV show that did a domestic infant transracial adoption with Kitty and Robert without any indication of paperwork signing, counseling, or social workers so should be interesting to watch how this plays out. 

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