Monday, January 24, 2011

11 things BC and well OMGWTH...a comparison!

(BC and just bought me a bachelorette pad)

I've been a bit cheesy lately.  Just been adoption forumed/adoption information(ed) out a bit....there are seasons of weirdness and people getting bent out of shape for things that don't matter all that much so I'm just focusing on doing fun parenting posts and will get back to adoption after I'm done being annoyed. 

As mompetition put it so eloquently there are two seasons of life.  BC (before kids) and OMGWTH (after kids), slightly moderated to make the acronym cleaner. 

So here are some things I thought BC.
1.  My child will sleep the whole night in their crib
2.  I will not pay attention to my child because they need to learn how to play by themselves
3.  I will not obsess over my child's speech development
4.  I don't see anything wrong with spanking
5.  I will not get frustrated with my child after the 4th night of no sleep
6.  I will not send my child to daycare on Tylenol
7.  I will never take a sick day and just play hooky with my child
8.  My child will be speaking in sentences by the time they are 18 months old
9.  My child will not be loud, throw things, or throw loud tantrums
10.  I will not be able to handle cooking meals from scratch every day, sometimes fast food will do, what's the harm right?
11.  I will not feel badly when my child cries because they wanted a toy at the store and I couldn't buy it then.

The reality of OMGWTH (A.K.A 'after kids)
1.  Tigger sleeps better some nights in my bed and frankly so do I.
2.  Tigger is a toddler that must be in the same room as I and needs to be held much for playing nicely without bugging me for hours on end LOL
3.  The reality is, I'm a speech therapist and always wonder whether or not Tigger is picking up language, whether she is destined to have a speech problem, and wonder why she still jargons instead of delivering speeches.
4.  Time outs work well for Tigger and well, hmm...that's all I gotta say.
5.  Yes after more than one night of less than stellar sleep, I get frustrated, I cry, and I put her in my bed so we can both sleep.
6.  well one morning was iffy and I had a meeting so I rolled the dice and figured if I got called, that means she was really sick and if not, no need to postpone a meeting.
7.  I love the couple of days she and I stayed home "sick"...I don't do it often though, I have plenty of sick days I really need to use.
8.  yeah Tigger turns 18 months this week and we are at words and jargon, not sentences...oh well.
9.  Tigger is loud and stubborn.  I have visions of tantrums in the store in the future.
10.  Not only is my child allergic to milk so I also go out of my way to a store that sells good soy cheese, I loathe fast food joints for kids and yes I'm a slave to the kitchen in order to make healthy me Martha.
11.  When I see tears falling down Tigger's face, especially after having a happy face I'm devastated.  If we have to go quickly into a store for supplies (e.g. bath, diapers) and she happens to see a toy but then we leave, she gets very teary gets me every time, mostly because I don't buy her a toy when we go into the store very often....
(OMGWTH this is how you take a picture when it's just you and the kid and you haven't done your hair)


Johanna S said...

So true, mama. One thing I keep relearning over and over again is I'm going to do what feels right/instinctual for my family. If that means cosleeping, so be it! The hell with what our culture or background dictates! You really do know your child, her temperament, and her needs best. As for discipline, it's a learning process, as in you never stop learning, I feel like! I am a big fan of a series of books called Love and Logic. The books recognize that secure attachment is vital and gives you idea on how to lovingly, respectfully and with empathy teach your kids. One thing I'm really big about is talking to my child the way I want to be talked to. Not to say that it is always easy or that I never slip. But it does feel like it is generating results for us. As for speech, my daughter had a language delay. I was so worried about it, wondering if the fact that we are a bilingual home was affecting things. Eventually, I decided to focus on English and resume Spanish later (I'm Puertorican). I don't know if it was a coincidence or what, but now that she is almost three and a half, she is fine. Your daughter will catch up! I bet you there is a language explosion coming up soon! Tends to happen right around 18 to 22 months, it seems like. I hope something in my rambling is of help; sorry for the long "comment"! Love your blog, by the way!

Nicole said...

Oh your number 11. rings so true with me too! I wish I could buy my kiddos everything, I dread taking them to the sotre with me because those tears always pul on my heart strings

DannieA said...

Ha ha Johanna, you poor child...puerto rican and all...J/K please know I'm just kidding...couldn't help my CUBAN self. Ha ha ha

we're also a bilingual family so I know she understands both Spanish and English and I'm wondering if that's why she doesn't use more words

DannieA said...

did you know that when you write the word "spanking" you get anti-spanking spam? really people, did you even read what I wrote....

Unknown said...

Love it! There's a definite reality that hits you in life after the kids have come and sometimes it really clashes with the fantasy you had in your head before kids. We have a friend who was so full of advice for how those of us who are parents should/shouldn't raise our kids that one of my friends began praying for this lady and her husband to become pregnant. Let's just say, God is good! :)