Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let your guard down and embrace satire and humor for once

Since starting this adoption journey, I've learned a lot....joined a couple of forums and have learned many things including new language.  Because of this, I think there are select groups (1st moms, adoptees, adoptive parents) that can now get very sensitive and wonder why this was said and that was said, and yes (even I) get defensive if people say the wrong thing or are asking/saying stupid questions/statements. 

I've linked over to mompetition  numerous times on my blog.  She is a blogger that blogs under the definition of 'satire' as defined by websters dictionary (it's found at the top of her blog) so every cartoon that she makes is 'over the top, satirical, poke fun of' the exchanges moms can have with each other. 

Why this preface?....because I'm going to embedd her latest video making fun of people that stick their foot in their mouth when they enounter adoptive moms....(for the record this information was NOT given to her from me, she asked me what I found interesting and I said the homestudy process....which she asked questions about, so no this isn't from my conversation with her, she has tons of followers so she interacts with what everyone has had to endure from the mom angle)

Anyways since the forum I've attended has had some "offended" parties recently through some heated threads, I just wanted to warn you that this video while it can make you laugh may be a bit 'over-the-top' so be warned.  However, take it for what it is and just let your guard down and enjoy.  If you don't believe me that this blogger really goes 'over the top' with moms just go back and look at all her videos. Sometimes it's just nice to laugh at stupidity including knowing when the videos capture our own stupidity during the mom years. 


C.I.W. said...

hahahahah!!! it is good to let your guard down... some people are too uptight.

I'm just so.... busy.

Ticia said...

I still think her twin one is the best one.