Monday, January 31, 2011

Just because it's been a few days

It's been a few days since I last posted anything....not what I like to do, but both Tigger and I have been sick.  I guess there's this bug that's going around that is just nasty and leaves us feeling horrible.  That and Tigger teething those last teeth made for a miserable weekend.  So to make up for that, I thought I'd post some pictures from our carefree weekend last weekend where we (my parents and I) just found a grassy place for her to run around in.  She still had that awful scab under her nose...thank goodness it's gone now!

wow! a lot of room to walk

I could do soooo much

I love this face

run baby run

we saw a helicopter

Grandpa and Tigger (two peas in a pod)

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Kelleydiona said...

Cute pics. Glad you both are feeling better.