Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New beginnings

Well yesterday we started our life back to routine after that wonderful Christmas vacation!  There's something magical about the holidays and something just so mundane about going back to work. 

When I dropped Tigger off yesterday her lip was a pout, but she was a trooper and did not cry when I left her at her daycare.  Today we have her overdue 15 month well baby check up.  Why are we overdue?  sigh because her adoption finalized right before her 15 month was due (she's about a month behind on her appointment due to when she started getting shots) and then I had to switch her to my insurance which her previous pediatrician didn't take and then I had to look up a new Doctor and well, that's just life so finally today, she will have her well baby check-up and hopefully I like the new Doctor.  I don't like switching Doctors, but it is what it is and I hope this one is a good one!

I also have some personal goals at work to do this coming year.  I volunteered to work on a project yesterday...not quite sure why, well I know why, but I usually shy away from things like that because it reminds me too much of graduate school and I still have the feeling of "getting away" from graduate school and anything that may remotely remind me of it.  But it's time to be more involved at work than what I am already so this will be a good thing.

I have personal goals as well.  I don't call them resolutions, I call them personal goals.  One of them is to shy away from the computer more as there is more to life and organization in my home than just sitting in front of the computer searching about nothing and playing games.  Will I still come on to relax?  sure, but maybe not as often. 

I hope that as the first week of 2011 continues, you all have some direction as to where you want to take your life to.

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