Sunday, January 16, 2011

Interesting blog post, great reading material for all!

Usually when people don't know anything or minimal about adoption, the immediate reaction is of wonderfulness, rose-colored, happily ever after, type of comments. 

Sometimes naive people who first start thinking about adoption only think about the "good" things.  It was sad and refreshing to get wake-up calls after deciding to do this myself, however, I don't think we get enough reading done on attachment, on what is 'normal' and 'good' and what should be a 'red flag'. 

I usually read blog posts on just to read the different author's point of view, and this one really tugged at my heart. 

The sadness of sleeping

Ordinary things one doesn't think about often.  I hope that while it's a melancholy post, it can help, educate, and make people aware of things that can happen.  I wouldn't read this as a downer, but more as an awareness. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Danette. I don't read those blogs often enough.

People often see R's gregarious charming outgoing behavior as a positive attribute, in reality she knows no stranger and has no ability to discriminate friend or foe. She'd talk to you she same as she would a crackhead who hadn't bathed in a year.


DannieA said...

I think what I could identify with on this blog was the older infant not interested in a pacifier and sucked her finger....I know that this was also something I questioned with Tigger...however because she still needed to go through teething I didn't get the silent nights for very long.

Anonymous said...

Loved that you linked that blog. It really reminds you how simple things everyone takes for granted our huge things to adopted children and their families. Ben was 14 months old when I brought him home, and while I was waiting the 7 months for him I craved more than anything for him to be home in his crib keeping me awake at night. Thanks for posting the link.