Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm thinking I need to milk this!

So I was sweeping up around the table and under the high chair as well you know, there can never be a "clean" meal without something getting on the floor and when I turn my back this is what I see:

My first shot is blurry because I thought she would lose interest and so I took a hurried picture (needless to say my "hurry" wasn't warranted, she loved sweeping)

Sweeping up puzzle pieces

You can see she found my house slipper and was "picking up"

We started getting a little haywire here

Anyways, so after I let her pretend to sweep it was time for the broom to go bye bye.  That did not go over well.  I"m thinking I need to buy her those petite brooms and let her at it.  I'm telling you, between her love of laundry and now taking an interest in sweeping, I think I'm finding chores for her to do.  (Don't worry, I'm totally not like Cinderella's stepmother)  After all, gotta milk the desire to clean house while they're young!  


Nicole said...

Too sweet! I need to get one for Natalie too she LOVES to sweep EVERYTHING even the tables and her brother!! I love how she picked up your house slipper and was actually cleaning up!

Ticia said...

Montessori services has great lid sized stuff I'll find a link and send it to you

C.I.W. said...

awww how cute!!! Soon, she will be on to you and she will be like.. mom.. just because you take pictures of me doing chores and act like it is all cute.. I'm not going to do it anymore... re-seeding the lawn is just TOO MUCH..

Anonymous said...

That is GREAT! Milk it for sure! Too funny.

Unknown said...

Milk it! Very cute pictures!!!