Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Post Adoption Meetings

So I went to my first official post-adoption meeting last evening.  It was actually quite helpful, which is why I didn't have time to write last night.  In fact this post is short because I got to get to work and I'm going to play around with the "post options" and see if it will indeed schedule a post to be put on the blog at the time I order it to.  (yes I know I have weird humor like that)

Anyways I learned new stuff about resources should I ever need them, about how/when/where/why I would use Tigger's medical card and when is it good as a secondary insurance (I did find out last night that the money I spent for her asthma medication I could have presented her medical card and it might have paid for the medicine...uh well next time) and when it would be beneficial to have it as the only form of insurance for a child. 

We learned about support groups in the area, about mental health, about the school district and their services (I was glad to have information to share in that aspect ) and we learned about the adoption tax credit and what form needs to be used. 

Nothing I haven't *heard* before online or in my classes way back when, but it was nice to have a meeting just to go over it again and to get numbers for assistance should I need it later on.  Oh the things you learn!  I feel like I'm understanding not only the public school system, but the foster care and mental health care system better.  I think that rocks!  Hopefully it means I can assist with information if a parent or someone has any questions or wonders why the system is set up in a particular way. 

Toodaloo, my morning commute awaits....hopefully my scheduling of this post works! 


Unknown said...

Wow! What a great program! We don't have post-adoption services that I know of. I will mention that to our case worker when she visits next week.

Ticia said...

It can schedule it at exactly the time you want, I amuse myself by doing that sometimes.