Thursday, January 20, 2011

Play Date!

Tigger and I had a play date on Monday.  It was with a few moms from church.  Dare I say that both she and I are actually making friends???? Whoa hold back now, you know we've kinda retreated into a very boring routine and stayed close to home this past year.  It's nice to finally branch out a little.  Tigger isn't a "cool deal" kind of kid with new things, so she clung to me and of course had her staple method of comfort (sucking on her index finger) and kind of wondering why she was seeing church friends on a day that wasn't a church day....but by the end she really had a good time and "talked" all.the.way.home.LOUDLY.
Not quite sure about this park date

Tigger and M get along and start climbing over this little concrete slab/step

Mom isn't too sure about Tigger's new found love of the park apparatus, way higher than the toddler one

Tigger and K picking up dirt and bark

Tigger and K walking and running around

Swings are a hit

Cradle Roll babies and their mamas

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