Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Behold we return!

Yeah so I had this grand plan to always update my blog on the weekdays at least once a day.  Um yeah, well we hit a tantrum stage that just drains me out of creativity and thought at night and we also have been busy. 

Tigger also seems to want to "talk" but is jargoning way more than using words and is frustrated to no end, so of course the Speech Therapist in me is now dedicating the evenings to do vocabulary building moments even though I"m not sure how much of it is doing any good....she's on her own time clock and is definitely NOT the child that when i say "say this" will imitate on cue. 

Example 1:  We were at the park on Monday with some other mothers and kids....yay a play date, and I was just saying out loud if she wanted to do the slide again.....all of a sudden I hear the word "again" come out of her mouth....and before you all think I'm making it up, another mom heard it so I have a witness.

Example 2:  Tonight we were going over animals in those naming type books and she opens it and it falls on the page with a lion and she says "lion" all really?  I haven't heard that one before, in fact I don't go over the word "lion" with you! 

Example 3:  Tigger can point to eyes, nose, mouth, ears, head, hair, hands, feet, tongue and teeth when I ask her and I ask her EVERY day on the car ride home (thank you Ordinal Scales)...but of course now nightly in the tub I want to see if she will imitate any of these words, so as I"m trying to elicit something out of her, she looks at me, smiles and laughs, shakes her head "no" and then proceeds to point to her private parts and boldly proclaims "pee-pee".  really? that's the first word you will spontaneously say in regards to body parts?

Tigger is getting big.  She's tall and doing well although she could gain a few pounds to make the pediatrician happy! 
Coming back from daycare with a scrape under her nose


Nicole said...

Hahahah She's too funny! Sounds like my Natalie, always has something cheeky to say!

Ticia said...

Look how happily she's playing with her bear.

One of ours already had to have reconstructive surgery.