Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reality bites! But I'm not really complaining!

Well today was Tigger's first well baby check-up with the new Pediatrician under my insurance.  The great thing is that because it was a visit for a well baby, I didn't have to pay the co-pay, woohoo....I was like yeah just like old times (one positive during the time before finalization, Tigger had medical and I never had to pay for Dr. visits or medicine).  However, as we were talking and going over medical records and I was discussing some doubt as to whether or not recent coughing was asthmatic in nature, the new Dr. did prescribe out preventative medicine and an air chamber vent, as well as a visit next month to follow up and see if Tigger continues to persist in her asthmatic cough.  Then I went to pay for the medicine inhaler and air chamber vent....um $120.....whooeeeee, well yay for insurance boo that I still had to pay ten million dollars for this beginning set of preventative care.  I had forgotten how expensive it can be to need certain medicines.  Well we started using it tonight....thank goodness she likes it better than the dang nebulizer we had to use all winter long last year.  I hope this works and I can feel peace of mind. 

In other news, from the 12 month well baby check-up (which her well baby is always a month later so for her about 13 mo) she measured in at 29 3/4 inches.....fast forward now to the 15 month (she just turned 17 months) well baby check-up.....33 inches tall boosting her up in the percentile....the "bad" news?  she still weighs the same as she did at the 12 month well baby check-up, plummeting her on the downward percentile path for weight....ugh I hate that, this is the ONE area where you really pray they are average because if not, then you get the lecture on food and nutrition (as if I didn't already know she needs to add more fat to her diet after the whole allergy to milk thing came to light)....this happens if a baby is to chunky or if a baby is too skinny, so yeah Tigger is on the outskirts of "typical" in both height and weight for now.  Let's see what happens later on.  So of course, I should be expecting a call from a nutritionist as the insurance I have is really big into "preventative" care so I'll be waiting for that phone call on how better to "fatten up" my Tigger. 

So welcome to complete motherhood, empty pocketbook and new things to perseverate on (in a healthy way of course).  At least Tigger rocked it out in her skinny jeans that her Aunt from FL sent her for Christmas.  Girl will not cease to be fashionable.


Ticia said...

My kids are always too skinny too, if it helps any.

That, and I've noticed kids tend to either grow in weight or height at a time, not both.

Unknown said...

Ugh! Those charts frustrate me! They are based on averages, but every baby is an individual! My oldest daughter was considered a bit too thin by the pediatrician. But I told him that she had a good appetite and was active and alert. She's 16 now and still active and alert. Hang in there and trust your mommy instincts.