Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What movies have you seen that have an adoption theme (National Awareness Month day 16)?

So today's little activity in the month of November is to watch an adoption themed movie....I thought I'd share a few I liked.

1.  Martian Child--I like this movie because it is an older child adoption...one through foster care.  While critics didn't really care for the movie because it was "too slow" I thought it did a great portrayal of the fact that bonding and attachment doesn't happen overnight and that it can be an ongoing struggle.  That is very real and most often glossed over in films. 

2.  Two films....short documentaries that I have blogged about before on PBS POV programming.  Deanne Borshay films her search for answers about her family back in Korea and her struggle to reconcile the secrecy regarding the details of her adoption [made to take on another identity and shipped off to the US under another name] and in the end making peace with all the pieces in her life.  these stores go in order

First Person Plural can be watched here
In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee can be watched here

I love these films because I love 'drama'.  I like 'real' types of films.  I'm not interested in a happy ending per say, I enjoy the more somber tone.  If you do like movies that end in 'happy endings' then I did also enjoy watching "The Blind Side"...it stops at the proverbial 'happy ending' however, it's a nice non-fiction story and does also bring awareness to some issues that abound in our own backyards so to speak. 

I hope you'll think about indulging my request to watch these films...I may be slightly biased, but I feel that these films are pretty good about showing real emotion in various aspects of adoption.


Quacken said...

I loved The Blind Side. The problem w/ Martian Child is I listened to the book on tape a few days before, and I LOOOOVED it! The movie was very loosely based on the book, and I thought it took away a lot of the value the book portrayed. In the book the dad is homosexual and I like how he goes through that struggle in becoming a single parent. If you have the chance the book on tape is really great. I downloaded it online and listened.

DannieA said...

I did hear it was a short story...and I love to read...however I watched this right before being matched and craziness ensued so haven't read that much in a year...now going back to reading...

however really? which movie is an exact replica of a book? One I thought was very good is an oldie "to kill a mockingbird" and yet a lot of the book was left out of the movie.