Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

It's a fun little day.  Sea of green around you!  Silly necklaces and if you know me, I also like the silly antennas that you turn on and they blink.  I should have taken a picture....what was I thinking! 

Well even though I don't go out to drink green beer or chug down an Irish car bomb (these are drinks people) we did have some fun with the clothing. 

I dressed Tigger up modestly today.  Not in overpowering green clothes but in a white t-shirt with a St. Patrick's Day theme.  She looked sharp. 

I also had fun tonight....made regular spaghetti for dinner and while she will have a little bit of a mess with mac'n'cheese or pasta bows/macaroni elbows etc......this is the first day I fed her regular spaghetti.  She loved it as floor, the wall, and her face didn't but what can you do, they have to eat spaghetti sometime!

(you'll have to excuse her hair, she was done with her pigtails and decided to take them off and start chewing them causing amounts of panic from me since everything I look at is a choking hazard)

Well for my awesome group of online friends here, thanks so much for letting me into your world with your comments and blogs.  I have a fun time reading your comments as well as reading yours!  May you have a wonderful weekend!


Barb said...

Absolutely adorable photos!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! The spaghetti pictures are TOO funny! Loved the "Single Mothers by Choice" post.

Unknown said...

Everyone's got to have those "first spaghetti photos!" They are adorable and yours are no exception! Love them! :)