Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Truisms--because nothing says life like your own musings!

Bits and pieces of random musings from my brain since the last week:

"Foggy mornings always make a crime scene more ominous" (there was a fatality in an ATM and I saw the police and yellow tape one foggy morning on the way to daycare....eerie)

"Don't care about coming to your child's IEP, don't worry, if I'm the Speech Therapist at your school, I will find you and I will come to your house and talk to you about your child...don't think you'll get away with not caring"

"Monday evenings are never good...accept it as a fact of life"

"when a toddler giggles and you can't find your cell phone, that's probably not good news"

"when in doubt, just pretend you know it all with an air of authority"  (works really well at my job ha!)

"when in doubt, if you just shrug your shoulders and say 'that's a good question' with an air of authority, you get even more oohs and aahs"

"grass is not always your friend"


Ticia said...

also "silence is not always golden," you'd be amazed at the trouble they can get into when they're quiet.

Anonymous said...

HA! Too funny. I'm totally with you on the IEP thought! I'm in IEP hell right now!

Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

Ha-ha that is exactly what I do at work.

Evaluation today - hopefully I will have an IEP as a result!

DannieA said...

HA! Daphne and Sunday,

good to be in special ed. company and fine company at that!!!!!!!

Spenc said...

I love the one about toddlers and cell phones, unexpected little chuckle, also the "when in doubt" comments brilliant!