Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spicing things up

So as you can see, I'm trying to make my blog "cuter", although not quite sure if I'm succeeding or not!  I do have a few posts rolling around in my mind tonight, however, it has been a long week and I need to rest.  I received the new "Adoptive Families" magazine and of course there's always something to ponder or write about so I look forward to really get into adoption issues this next week! 

I hope everyone has a great Friday leading up to an awesome weekend!


Quacken said...

I LOVE Shabby Blogs! :) This is looking really good. I can't wait to put my girls faces up! They are soooo cute! Loving the update for sure!

DeeChloRox said...

Love your new look! But I really love the signature that makes it yours!