Monday, March 7, 2011

Sharing "our song"

Tigger and I have many songs....let me get that straight, we love songs!.....However, I've either played this song for her or sang it to her since she came home.  I was going to try and find something cute on YouTube with the song to put it on here for you guys to see with the lyrics, but I forgot that way back when Disney's animated movie "Dumbo" came out, the movie played this song during that heart wrenching scene when the mom is trapped and chained up inside a cage and Dumbo can't get to her.....good grief, I forgot and balled my eyes out.  So instead I copied the "Bette Midler" lyrics from when she sang it for the movie 'Beaches' which is the version Tigger and I listen to or sing to every night....which by the way is still a movie that makes me cry as well.  Stupid dang song making me cry! 

"Baby Mine"

Baby mine, don't you cry.
Baby mine, dry your eyes.
Rest your head close to my heart,
never to part, baby of mine.

Little one, when you play,
pay no heed what they say.
Let your eyes sparkle and shine,
never a tear, baby of mine.

If they knew all about you,
they'd end up loving you, too.
All those same people who scold you,
what they'd give just for the right to hold you.

From your hair down to your toes,
you're not much, goodness knows.
But, you're so precious to me,
sweet as can be, baby of mine.

The rendition from the original soundtrack of "Beaches"


Ticia said...

Awwwww, I love the bedtime song in Peter Pan, and sing that to my kiddos frequently. Princess recently commented that I needed to sing it more often.

Anonymous said...

OHHH! Ever since Ben has been home, I've sung this song to him. Love it!