Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Obedience by Paparazzi

So this morning after Tigger's milk and my traditional 20 minutes to get ready.  I go into Tigger's room and start singing, and letting her know it's time to get up.  This morning she went into the back corner and curled into a ball.  Trying to be chipper and get her up and smiling, I said

"Tigger time to get dressed" 

I hear a voice go "mami, NO"

Let me explain something about this crib I have for Tigger.  It is not a drop down and the front is lower than the back, so I have no idea how she learned that if she goes into a back corner, with my short stature, I can't really pick her up, but well she knows this trick feeling a little tired and starting to get a little irked, I wondered how to get her up and willing to get dressed....

out of nowhere an idea hit me (must have been induced by being half asleep myself).  She loves the camera, so I went and got my trusty camera and said

"oh mommy is taking pictures of you saying 'NO'"

Well the egocentrism that has taken over young children since the moment they understand their existence kicked in and once she heard the camera come on, it was a mad dash to get up and go to the front.

(she had started to get up, so didn't quite make the corner shot)

(here I come, I love the camera)

So then of course she gets to the edge and I swear she did her side glance to show all of her cuteness and said "cheese" and this is the final product.

(I'm so freaking cute and I want to show it off!)

So I guess the morale of the story is that when my child is not obeying, I need to play Paparazzi and then the rest of the morning will go smoothly.  Gah, my daughter...what are the tween and teen years going to do to me? I did not teach her how to be photogenic or how to be a ham!


Heather D said...

Too cute! My son loves to have his picture taken too, I was taking pics of him after his spaghetti dinner tonight and he got mad when I put the camera away! Where do they learn this stuff? :) A trick I'll have to keep in mind!

Quacken said...

My goodness... she is just BEAUTIFUL! Could you have dreamed up a more precious little girl?

Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

Aw, she is sooo cute. And you don’t even want to know what the teen years have in store for you!!!! :0

grace said...

picture perfect!!

Unknown said...

Oh Dannie! She is GORGEOUS!!!
My boy gets mad when I take his picture.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

YOU are clever and SHE is adorable!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today :-).

Anonymous said...

That is so funny! Tigger and Ben would get along great!! She is a real little beauty.