Thursday, March 17, 2011


Warning:  This post is just fluff!

I normally don't promote movies to the broad scope of people because every family has it's own guidelines for what they like to watch or what they think it's appropriate to watch.  I know for me, I grew up with limited television and rated G movies/cartoons. 

When I was older (when I mean older I mean 18 or 19) I really got into crime dramas.  My mom wasn't too thrilled but wasn't exactly surprised given that I would always buy the darkest crime novels that I could in the Christian bookstore in the fiction department....of course if she would protest, I would just come back with "we are in the Christian bookstore so these books are under the umbrella of acceptable books to read".  While I dabbled in some of the more modern horror flicks away at college....I could only do so if I was hanging on to my friend (um that would be you T) and we would have to sleep in the same room in our college apartment complex with doors locked.  I can't stand too much of that.  Even now, I don't get too drastic with my movie choices but definately have my favorites.  Some more worthy of others. 

However did feel like sharing one of my cute favorite movies.  It's an odd choice.  One of those random films (non-blockbuster) that draw in small audiences.  I love the movie because it focuses on a snippet of time for two individuals with relationship baggage and a quick friendship that develops through music.  However, since this film isn't a mainstream film, in fact I think it's an Irish film to be exact, the plot and the ending certainly aren't what we are used to seeing in movie entertainment.  Because of this is why I like it.  It may not have been the ending we hoped for, but in reality, it was the 'right' ending even though it may not seem to be.  Great film, I own it and I watch it when I'm in the mood to not be bombarded by the usual movie/TV fast paced drama.  It's like a musical without it being a cheesy musical (and hey I love me some cheesy musicals...I bust out in 'Sound of Music' and 'Oklahoma' quite a bit) because hey, it's about two people that love music in their own way. 

In case you haven't figured it out yet, the movie is called "Once".  For those of you more cautios about content, it does have some language in it and thus the higher rating along with the movie, although I've noticed that most movies from other countries tend to have this too so there ya go...full disclosure!  Here's a snippet of the film, if you feel so inclined I'll be the first to say, I really really like this one! 


Ticia said...

I have no clue what you're talking about.

What made it even stupider was the fact that we both worked night security at dorms, and would be alone in a dark and somewhat spooky dorm after watching these movies.

derekatesmom said...

I really enjoyed the movie "once" I loved the song. I probably will never own it, but am glad to have seen it.