Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today I did the unthinkable...ok maybe I'm exaggerating

Today I did something I swore I would never do...I gave my kid some food from a fast food joint!  Oh my word call the bad mommy police. 

Ok well yeah....so I kept it as healthy as I could...you know I can't fathom giving my 19 month old french fries so I went through a place called "Pollo Loco" and bought a side of.....wait for it........corn tortillas.  Yeah, so not the worst thing out there, heck Tigger eats corn tortillas with her dinner or to eat quesadillas with soy cheese.  He he he and you thought I was really going to be bad!  Gotcha!

However, today was interesting.  I packed my lunch which I have been doing lately for financial and health reasons and I have had to start packing snacks for Tigger because she is now absolutely famished when I pick her up.  I think that girl is about to grow again.  However, no snack also equals 30 minutes of ear piercing screeching that can seriously cause hearing loss, so I started carrying healthy snacks with me.  Well today I accidentally left my lunch bag at work....sigh, the lunch bag also carries Tigger's snacks for the ride home.  So I had the marvelous idea of getting corn tortillas at Pollo Loco and while it's a drive through, the content is NOT the dreaded french fries so I figure 'score 1 for mom'. 

Of course we couldn't end with mom ahead in the game because as my little Tigger is chowing down her tortilla as if she has never eaten before in her life, it became painfully obvious that one more thing was missing and tucked away in my lunch bag and I hadn't thought about that aspect......the sippy cup with water.  'Score a negative point for mom'

So I guess ending that fiasco even was better than being an "epic fail" for not having a plan B for snack at all.  So parents of would-be toddlers in a few months...prepare!  Always have available snacks AND drink for the car ride in the afternoons.  It will save your ears.


Ticia said...

Uh oh, you're going to lose your good parent credentials. :0

Step-parent's Cove said...

Hi Dannie: I have been following your blog (when can) and find it refreshing. I am past the childbearing years, but I do understand what ya mean on having snacks on hand. Gosh, I really miss those days. Truly miss those days! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! You had me laughing out loud on this post! Being a single mom means sometimes you are allowed to stop at fast food and, heaven forbid, give you child french fries!! Don't beat yourself up....my kid ate fish sticks in front of the tv tonight! I was ready to call the parent police on myself but needed a break ;)

DannieA said...

ha ha ha...it's ok, my child eats the fake chicken nuggest all the time (from morningstar) LOL

fishsticks definately has some nutritional value ;)