Monday, March 7, 2011

Writer's Block

Yeah a phrase used in my high school when we couldn't for the life of us figure out what to write in our English Literature class. 

I also had a piece of it this week.  For the life of me I felt very un-inspired to write anything.  No topic felt like it was important to make it on here and even the bits of life felt a little too contrived this past week. 

It's not like we didn't do anything worthwhile of mention this week....Tigger cut her last tooth she was teething (yes!)  She now is feeling a lot better.  (yes!) Noticed that new pants needed to be bought as she has grown quite a bit and so that was done this past weekend (yes!) 

All in all though, I felt little inspiration to write.  I'm sure that feeling comes and goes in waves for most people and so it also with me last week.  Here's hoping inspiration happens again.  It's a new day and it's a new week.  Time to get inspired!

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Lorie K said...

No worries, Dannie. I went for a couple of years without posting anything to my blog... If you're only off for a week you're doing great! :)