Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An obsession with Bubbles

So the weather has now been cooperating and it's been nice enough to play outside for a bit after dinner.  Tigger has recently discovered Bubbles, and that is what she wants to do every evening after dinner. 

Today she woke up and her first words to me were "mami, bubbles?" of course I have to say "no baby, school".  That awesome response from me brought on much tears, crying, and the throwing of oneself even more dramatically than most mornings. 

I have to say I'm highly impressed with her memory.  Even though she knows we're going to 'school', when we come down the stairs, she makes a beeline for the place where she saw me put the bubbles away and tries to ask for them again.  In the car all the way to the daycare, Tigger went nonstop asking about bubbles.  Needless to say, when we finally did them this afternoon it was fun.  Mostly she likes to stand there and squeal/laugh while the bubbles are swirling around her.  Sometimes she'll actively try to pop them. 

For now, it's the latest obsession....of course, that is until something else comes along! And it always does!

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Nicole said...

i don't think bubbles ever get old! Damien still loves them and Natalies stil a bit obsessed! So good to hear you're both feeling better... btw... giving her tortillas from a fast food place, NOT terrible... mine are obsessed with fries even though I swore they'd NEVER eat fast food...