Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Yes friends, this is the new and trendy word around the house.  Needless to say, I find it quite trying on my nerves.  Maybe because I know Tigger has either the single words she needs to request for toys or wants or she has the ability to approximate/imitate if I model it for her. 

Either way, she's now focused on pointing and saying 'MINE" really loudly as if the whole world belongs to her (sigh)  Gotta love these egocentric years! 

This morning she got into the baby wipes and I kid you not, I had to carry her to the car while she was holding a wipe because for some reason she was obsessed with it, told me "mami, MINE" and well I didn't think a wipe was that big of a deal.  Once we had to let go of it when we got to her daycare though, it was as if the world was coming to an end. 

Honey!  It's a baby wipe, it's for your butt!  Trust me, it will be ok......to which I hear within the *sniff* *sniff*,  MINE MINE MINE *sniff* *sniff*. 

"I'm sorry baby, we need to go to school now"


"have fun at school"


"bye bye Tigger" (kiss)

"Mami, bye bye...my Mami"  (smiles and a wave and hug) 

oh that 180 degree shift in mood is also pretty awesome!

And so it begins....everything is "MINE"


Johanna S said...

I know this may sound annoying, but, as you know, it is developmentally appropriate and it will pass. Picture this: two 2-year-old cousins playing together. It was a disaster! Now that my daughter is 3.5 and the cousin 4, they rarely fight and I hardly ever hear mine. I do agree - mine and why are some of the stages I would have been ok with skipping! The why's twenty times a day killed me!

Unknown said...

Sorry. Had to laugh. Mostly cuz its your kid and not mine. If the situation were reversed, I'd probably be a little frustrated, then laugh about it, and then blog about it. Oh, wait! That's what you did. Oh, well! I enjoyed it. And, by the way, it'll pass. :)