Thursday, March 24, 2011

Review on a Thursday

I've briefly touched on some of the books I've taken up reading way back when I started my blog.  I thought it would be neat if I gave my own review about what I liked and maybe not liked about certain books. 

Tonight's book review is "In their own voices: Transracial adoptees tell their stories".  This book is a compilation of individual interviews with many biracial and black adoptees that grew up in Caucasian families.  Most of them were adopted in the early 70s through the early 80s. 

The title of the book says it all.  The different chapters each highlight a different individual answering questions that were asked throughout the interview process.  Each interview took between two to four hours and the answers are laid out just how they answered. 

As in anything, everyone has a different story, a different take, a different way in which transracial adoption affected them, and each have different feelings towards their family.  I find these types of books particularly fascinating because I love reading about different perspectives. 

I'll be honest, some chapters made me uneasy, some chapters I was relieved that there remained a close family bond, and other chapters made me wonder if I'm raising my daughter right.  (Right now she's just a toddler so everything is 'easy' at the present moment)

Why read this book?  Well if you read my blog and are a transracial family, it's a great book for seeing what a child may have to go through if they are not of the same racial background.  I'm a little more aware of what may or may not be important to my daughter in the future.  I have no doubt that it will foster some questions as to how one will deal with certain situations if it came up for your family. 

Overall I give this book an enthusiastic approval rating based on the way I devoured it!

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