Monday, April 25, 2011

Before I signed off tonight....

I just had to share this with you guys out in cyber land.  We had a perfect day today...did we go to the beach and sip non-alcoholic margaritas?  um no, we had work, rushing to the Dr.'s office and the regular routine, however today was the first day there was NO! 

I just don't know what to do with myself.  I'm reliving the day.  I usually hear a symphony of whining and tantrum on the car ride home from work/daycare.  Part of it is hunger and sometimes the snack that I bring doesn't seem to be what she wanted, part of it is that sometimes she's not in the mood for the water bottle or sippy cup or juice box I have for her, sometimes she's just tired and needs to vent on the way home. 

Next, I usually have a hard time right before dinner and if I'm not fast or careful, I can get meltdowns there.  And Lordy, I usually have a major meltdown sometime during bath time....if it's not in the bath, it's right after it and sometimes I'm just tired of the daily crying/tantrum. 

If something doesn't go the way she thinks it should go, there is major meltdown (e.g. last weekend it was too cold for one outfit I tried on for church, so decided to change it....oh my.  It was a rough morning for a while because the world ended when I changed her dress)

For no good reason, today was different.  She was entertained on the way home in the car with her "books", we went to a Dr. appt. for her (which I thought was going to mess with her schedule) and she took it in stride, we went home and I did a quickie meal....sandwich and fruit and she loved it, she did cry a bit when I needed to put an object to "rest" after being told not to do something and a warning....however it didn't last more than a minute so that doesn't count.  There was no after the bath meltdown..

This has been a monumental day.  I enjoyed it, still am enjoying the feeling from it.  Wow....a drama free day!  I just am quite ecstatic that it happened.  And to top off the day...when I had the computer (itunes) on with her pre-bed songs on....during one song when I sing "I love you" she jargoned most of "I love you" with the same inflection back to me. 

All this to say....I am in 7th heaven.  I don't know if this day can be repeated or what was up, however, I will have this day as a lovely memory.  No matter what, I love my kid to death, just wanted to document this day!  Good night!


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh...those days are the BEST! Live it up, lady!

Mie said...

Those days always seem to come when we need them to refresh us.