Sunday, April 17, 2011

TMJ, Fevers, and Updates? Oh My

Well it's been an interesting weekend.  I think I have temporary TMJ.....I can't open my mouth past a certain point.  It just hit me after breakfast yesterday and after church.  I'm just relaxing and hoping this goes away soon. 

Yesterday was also a day I was salivating about.  The first real hot day in Spring.  I had plans to take the Tigger out to a park with a lake and to run and play and eat.....and then the Tigger decided to come down with fever and general malaise. much for anticipating a wonderful afternoon. 

I decided to try and do more updates and tweaks to the blog including the whole ad thing.  Not sure if I like it so much, but will keep it on for a bit and then re-evaluate if i really want all that on here. 

Today I got highlights in my hair.  They are darker highlights than the normal ones I usually have done so they are ok, I'm sure I'll get used to them.  Tigger is feeling better today and no fever, so my hope is that after her nap today, we get grandma and grandpa and try to see if the Easter bunny is around for pictures.  I really, really, really want to be outside today (where's that cheese with my whine)


DannieA said...

of course I could just have an ear infection or virus going on and it's affecting my jaw pain....TMJ sounded so much more dramatic though :D

Heather D said...

Hope you both feel better soon! No fun being sick and inside on a nice day.
I dislocated my jaw once, sounds like what your describing :) It went back to normal after a few days.

Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

I hope your jaw feels better, in time for dinner… I love your hair, so cute!