Friday, April 8, 2011

Know thy parents...They shock the heck out of you!

So after a week at the folk's house these are some interesting tidbits I learned even though I'm on the phone with my mother every day....nothing is quite the same though as shacking it up for an entire week with them after being apart for 3 years...yes, yes, yes, I know my lovely townhouse is only down the street but still different houses people!

1.   I'm watching TV one night after Tigger was put to bed by Grandma (or 'Ta' as she is called) when a worried Dad comes up to me and says..."uh I like to watch Dancing With The Stars at 8 is that ok?"
Me:  "um sure Dad you watch Dancing With The Stars????"
Dad:  "yes"
Me:  "well ok!"  (thinking:  really????? wow!)

2.  Another TV moment
Dad:  "Let's watch American Idol"
Me:  "I thought you only watched that when mom and I would watch that together before the Tigger came along"
Dad:  "Well now I watch it"
Me:  "well alright Mr. reality TV!"
Dad:  " one bothers women when they watch shows like these!"
Me:  "That's just cause you're special!" wink!

3.  During lunchtime one day
Mom:  "Are you really going to eat that?"
Me:  "uh yeah it's a sandwich why?"
Mom: "It has too much bread"
Me:  "A sandwich generally consists of two slices of bread with stuff inside"
Mom: "You should just make a sandwich with one bread, it's healthier"
Me:  "Well this is my sandwich"
Mom:  "Ugh kids...when they grow up they don't do what you tell them to do"
Me:  [biting my laughter] "yes we walk, talk, and have thoughts too, including eating sandwiches with 2 slices of bread"
Mom:  "don't get philosophical with me"  

3.  And yet another TV moment
Mom:  "Dannie, do you watch Dr. Phil?"
Me: "um NO"
Mom:  "you really should."
Me: "um why????"
Mom:  "because they show teenagers out of control because their parents can't discipline right and I want you to see what happens when parent's don't discipline"
Me:  "Really?"
Mom:  "'s so fascinating and scary"
Me:  shrugs and raises an eyebrow...."I think I'll pass, I can't watch any TV until after 7:45ish or so anyways so I think I miss it...darn"
Mom:  "Well just don't get lazy in parenting Tigger ok?"
Me:  "uh sure mom"

Fun times.  I always get a kick out of these things though.  It's been a good week at home (my parent's home that is...will always be home) resting up and chillin' with the folks and seeing their new "interests". HA! 


Anonymous said...

Ha! That is so funny!

Marcy Payne said...

That's hilarious! I only see my parents when they stay at our house or we at theirs for, often, weeks at a time, since we live very far apart. Funny that you are finding these things out NOW with you living so close. LOL!

When my parents come they go into TV withdrawal. We only have one channel to their 100 and some. We have NO sports on our TV which drives my dad wild. And loud kids...

grace said...
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grace said...

ha ha this is too funny! sounds like my parents

Unknown said...

Funny!! loved it..

help for single Dads

Kelleydiona said...

Is your MOM and MY MOM sisters???? LOL