Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend part I

As I had mentioned earlier, our church’s Easter celebration was held on Saturday since that is the day that we attend church. Tigger and I as well as the grandparents had a wonderful time at the absolutely awesome pageant that my church did. Here are a few scenes from our program….please excuse the picture quality, this is one time I wish I had an actual GOOD camera and not just a point and shoot.

Next we spent some time taking pictures all day long, as this is the day that we show off our Easter clothes, so tried to get the Tigger looking at the camera but it was hit and miss.

Tigger and Me

Tigger and her Cousin S

After Church

Picking petals instead of smiling for the camera

Then after Tigger’s nap, I gave her half a dozen eggs to color in good ol' general Easter fun. She had a blast. As you can see only 5 eggs made it to the bitter end! The packet I had bought also had stickers one could use to decorate, however, Tigger was more into putting stickers on her hand than on the actual eggs. You’ll have to excuse Tigger’s hair, this was right after nap time!

A fun time was had by the little one

Then we just had some fun blowing bubbles. If you can’t really tell, the weather this weekend wasn’t the best. It was cool but kinda sunny in the morning, but cold in the afternoon.

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