Saturday, April 30, 2011

An inbetween tidbit

Oh people, I will come back with a couple or so pictures but I'm in between part I and part II of my class reunion and all I have to say is.....GO TO YOURS.  Really guys, people grow up, people change, reunions are nothing scary....if nothing it's a flashback and fun time.  I know too many people that don't want to go to theirs.....don't worry about it, really....I was hesitant about my 10th, however, after that, I like them. 

It's totally nothing like this:

Alrighty, I need to rest while the Tigger is napping so I can take her to my folks house before part II of our reunion....with more people showing up.  toodles!


Ticia said...

I wonder if we had a 10 year...... Shows how in touch I am.

Step-parent's Cove said...

I am so far away from where I graduated H.S., and at this point monies are tight (smiles), but I do keep in touch and hear of all the fun my classmates have. Thanks for sharing.