Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Settling into the life of weird!

So now that we are sliding full swing into the two's.....well July is officially when the Tigger turns two, I'd thought I'd amuse you by showing some things she's been getting into. 

 Never mind that she already a tall girl, now she has figured out that if I'm not ninja like in my reflexes she finds ways to reach things she wants. 

Laundry is the death of us.  I get "help", yet then there is sadness and unhappiness when helping means she has to give up a piece of clothing in order to hang it up or fold it in a drawer

She has play dates with her cousin...and we will be going to his 2nd birthday party soon. 

Girl loves her greens.  Here is one of her favorite dishes as of right now....stir-fried tofu and broccoli.  ????  well cool, now we're both eating healthy. 

She likes to feed the dogs....and play on their bed.  This would have freaked me out earlier, now I'm just like "eh" have at it kid.  Of course I had to intervene when she tried to sneak dog food as a snack for herself.....

Telling you, I am slowly growing eyes in the back of my head and I'm learning how to be ninja like fast!  Here's to the crazy life of Toddler weird! 

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