Monday, April 25, 2011


I decided after much thinking to put up a separate page on Facebook for my blog.  I usually link my blog on facebook for family and friends to see what we are up to, however, as I've been reading around and overhearing conversations, I want to have a separate page to deal with putting out resources for people in the process of or parenting as a single person. 

While single parents are not with the same stigma as years past (which led to a high number of adoptions out of shame for pregnancies out of wedlock) it can be difficult for a person to find good resources and support systems if going at it alone, especially if they belong to the Christian faith.  So if you're a reader here on blogger and would like to connect to this blog's facebook page, just follow the link here and I will also be posting resources and other information pertinent to single parenting. 

Now since I'm trying to put positive information for other people to latch onto, feel free to direct anyone you know parenting as a single person or thinking about it to come and contact me.  I'd be more than willing to lend an ear and talk about how the process went for me.  Also if interested in adoption, specifically from foster care, I am more than happy to send you all sorts of reading material in order to give more perspective on different issues are around or that may come up. 

I have been blessed to find people in cyberland that have given me great advice on all sides of the adoption triad and I am more than happy to pay it forward.  So while I'm not going to be doing fancy boxes (I don't think) showing how many people like me on facebook (because my goal is not become rich and famous, but to reach out to others that may need support from someone who has been there and done that) I encourage you to direct anyone you feel may benefit from information I may put on here (which occasionally I do) that deals with single parenting or adoption from foster care in general. 

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Ticia said...

I have to admit I mainly put the box on my blog up as an easy way for people to find it.

How do you have time to constantly change your background? That takes me forever, so I just hired someone to do mine last time, and it' going to stay like that.